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"LOL" Palace Reunion Party

Got this from Omeed, Nat's passed it along to booface.

What: "LOL" Palace Reunion Party
When: Friday, October 24th 7:00pm - 7:00am (CST)
Where: palace:// (port 10298)

Dear (Ex-)Palace User,

Don't have anything planned this Friday? Great! Because we are having a
reunion party this Friday, October 24th and you are invited! This is where
the LOL comes into play. Go ahead, let it all out right now...

Phew, now let's get serious! This "party" is for real and will only work if
you show up! The party will be take place at
That means port 10298 (not the default 9998) in case you forgot!
Guests will be arriving from 7:00pm and staying as late as 7:00am (all times
CST) the following morning, so even if you have "a life" you can swing by
after bar time and pay us a visit!

You gave up Palace for a reason, you say? Good for you! Now here are some
reasons to get back on:
1.) We miss you! Come let us know how you've kept up over the
2.) All your old friends (and enemies) will be there! Already 40+ people
have committed to attending. You can see a fairly accurate list of party
attendees along with additional details at
Expect this list to grow exponentially as e-mails are just now being sent
3.) Feeling antisocial? Then give a crack at one of the many Palace games
available. RatBot will get angry if you don't stop in and say hello!
4.) Don't have Palace anymore? You can find all the necessary software at along with free registration codes.
I hope you're convinced! Please feel free (obligated) to pass this message
along to anyone you know. The idea is to bring to together EVERYONE who has
used Palace during the past few years, even if it is just for one night.

Although there is no need to reply to this e-mail, please let us know if you
will be attending! Leave a message on the LiveJournal site or send a reply
back to Thanks your time, we are expecting you this
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